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5 Early Warning Signs That You May Have Gum Disease

The general public tends to view gum disease as a non-threatening issue, and neglect the signs and symptoms that indicate something’s wrong with their oral health. But what is gum disease? According to the Canadian Dental Association, it’s an infection of the gums caused by plaque, which is a sticky substance that naturally forms on your teeth. The plaque contains bacteria, which infects the part where the gum attaches to your tooth.


If the infection is left untreated, it can lead to tooth and bone loss, meaning patients will have to spend thousands of dollars getting reconstructive surgery. Here are five early signs that you may have gum disease.


  • Redness & Swelling

Inflamed and puffy gums are a good indicator that you may be developing gum disease. These symptoms typically appear right after you brush or floss, because your gums are aggravated from the physical disruption. This discomforting feeling can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, and will return the next time you brush or floss.


  • Tooth Sensitivity

Do you have trouble drinking a hot or cold beverage? Gum disease causes the gums to recede, meaning the root of the tooth remains exposed. This part of the tooth is extremely sensitive, especially when it’s exposed to temperature changes.


  • Loose Teeth

Loose teeth can indicate a case of gum disease, and occur when the bacteria has eaten away at the ‘point of attachment’ between your tooth and gum. Loose teeth can be challenging because they make it difficult to eat certain foods and look unsightly if they’re in the front of your mouth. The only way to address this issue is if you consult with a periodontist.


  • Bad Breath

Waking up with bad breath every morning is normal, but if it persists even after you’ve brushed your teeth, there may be an underlying cause. In advanced stages of gum disease, bad breath (also known as halitosis) develops due to an accumulation of plaque, which creates a pungent odour. By properly treating gum disease with the help of a periodontist, the bad breath will typically subside following the treatment.


  • Gum Abscess

A gum (or periodontal) abscess is a pocket of puss that forms between the tooth and gum. The pocket of puss is caused by an infection, which is triggered by a build-up of bacteria in your mouth. A gum abscess can be quite agonizing and most individuals will seek medical attention immediately. An abscess usually indicates the person is suffering from an untreated case of gum disease and requires an urgent action.


It’s really important to pay attention to your oral health. Your gums are a vital part of the mouth, and they’re prone a variety of issues. If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms and think you’ve developed gum disease, it’s vital you contact your periodontist immediately. For more information regarding periodontics and oral health, you can contact Les Parodontistes, with offices located in both Montreal and Brossard.