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Periodontal Disease: Are Dental Implants Still an Option?

If you think about your quest for tooth replacement as a personal journey, consider dental implants to be your final destination. Once you have completed the dental implant process, your search for comfortable and attractive teeth will come to an end.


Like all journeys, there is always more than one path leading to the finish line. No matter how bad you think your teeth may be, or how long you have waited to delve into your restorative options, your implant dentist can partner with you to achieve your goals. You will find that there is a treatment plan that suits your needs perfectly, taking into account obstacles such as the health of your gums or your lifestyle habits.


For example, many patients who have suffered the devastating effects of periodontal disease feel concerned that implants are no longer an option. After all, implants are only effective when they are firmly rooted into the gums and bone, right?


While it is true that dental implants must be supported by the jaw bone and the gum tissue, even patients with a history of periodontal disease can still find success with implants. First, it will be important to determine the exact state of your periodontal health. Gum disease can include a number of symptoms such as receding gums, bone loss, tooth loss, and tarter buildup that can destroy your smile and make implants an impractical choice.


However, when active gum disease is brought under control with your strong commitment to professional dental care, you can protect both your general health as well as your future dental implant. When years of gum disease have weakened or damaged your bone structure and gums, you may benefit from special surgical procedures that are designed to reinforce the inadequate areas, creating a stronger foundation for your implants.


The path to your new smile will be uniquely yours. Your previous or current history of periodontal disease shouldn’t stand in the way of your goals. Contact our skilled dental team today to learn more.