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How Successful Are Dental Implants?

The subject of dental implants is often the first to arise when you discuss missing teeth or tooth replacement with your implant dentist. The main reason for this common and important discussion is that we fully understand the importance of replacing missing teeth, and dental implants have proven to be the most successful way to address that need. In fact, within the last 30-40 years, this drive towards the ultimate and ideal tooth replacement has given way to a widely respected genre of dentistry known as implant dentistry.


An implant dentist can construct a new and improved artificial tooth or rehabilitate your entire smile with materials and procedures that can be reasonably expected to last for the rest of your life. Dental implants have maintained a very high and extremely predictable success rate that consistently hovers at nearly 97%.


To a large degree, the success rate of the implant can be predicted by the conditions that exist before the surgery even begins:


  • The health of the dental patient
  • The health of the jawbone at the site of the future implant
  • The quantity of bone that is present where the implant is to be placed
  • The quality, size, and type of the implant materials
  • The skill of the implant dentist


Where the previously mentioned factors are sufficient, the initial surgery can be expected to progress smoothly, and the implant treatment is more likely to be successful.


After the initial surgery, a large part of the success rate will depend upon your continued good health and your willingness to adhere to the post-surgical instructions. Immediately following the surgery, your actions will almost directly influence the implant’s ability to achieve and maintain stability. This includes taking your prescribed medications, keeping your regularly scheduled follow-up appointments, and reporting any signs or symptoms that you experience during the recovery period.


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