Tooth Loss and the Effects on Your Dental Health | Les Parodontistes

Tooth Loss can have Far-reaching Effects on Your Dental Health

Patients may lose a tooth to disease or injury, but the end result is detrimental for several reasons regardless of the cause. This is why so many patients work with an implant dentist to replace the missing tooth as quickly as possible.

When considering your tooth replacement options, it is important to understand the adverse consequences of tooth loss and structure and function of dental implants when you compare the pros and cons of the different tooth replacement methods.




In addition to leaving a noticeable gaping hole in your smile, tooth loss has the potential to wreck your oral health, as well. We don’t see the teeth’s roots, so we may take them for granted. The truth is that the root is important in stabilizing the jaw. When it is absent, the jawbone will erode, which can put the neighboring teeth at risk, too. Additionally, the roots help to provide important support to the soft tissues of the mouth, which can collapse if there is no other structure to prop them up.




A dental implant is screw-like structure made of titanium that fuses with the jawbone over the course of several months. Essentially, the implant is an artificial tooth root that secures a prosthetic crown. The structure of a dental implant is quite similar to that of a biological tooth.

Dr. Couture and Dr. Perri are able to place your dental implant in an outpatient procedure that virtually takes less than an hour. Most patients can return to a relatively normal routine the day after implant surgery.




Dental implants are the only complete tooth replacement method available. Alternatives like bridges or partial dentures only fill in for the visible crown component of the tooth. As noted above, the root structure is essential to long-term stability. Over time, as the shape of the jaw changes, a bridge will need to be replaced periodically to ensure there’s not a gap between the appliance and the jawbone. Dental implants also work more like natural teeth when it comes to chewing, which is another bonus.


When exploring your tooth replacement options, consider the dental implant. It has a number of advantages and can be a lifelong solution if you care for it properly.