Everybody deserves to smile with confidence

A bright and beautiful smile can do wonders for your confidence. Periodontal plastic surgery helps to correct the aesthetic look of your teeth and gums but most importantly, it will improve your overall periodontal health.

Periodontal plastic surgery is a procedure performed on the gums to help enhance your smile and overall periodontal health.

It can help correct a variety of gum-related problems, both for aesthetic and health reasons. Most commonly, it is used to reduce a gummy smile or an uneven gum line. It can also help correct long teeth or exposed roots. If a tooth is lost as a result of an accident or dental problem, the area can develop indentations or concavity in the gum and jawbone. Periodontal plastic surgery will aid in creating a more uniform and natural appearance where the tooth is missing.

These different procedures can help improve the overall look of your smile and prepare your mouth for further cosmetic procedures.

Alternatively, your periodontist may suggest this type of surgery for health reasons, such as to treat and prevent gum disease. Speaking with a qualified specialist can help you decide if this type of surgery is right for you.

Some procedures are not only done for aesthetic reasons. They can also help ensure your periodontal health. Removing excess gum tissue can help prevent and treat gum disease, as it decreases the pockets between teeth where bacteria grow.

The short answer is no, a referral is not necessary for a periodontal consultation.
If you feel that you experience any signs and symptoms of periodontal problems or if you think you might benefit from a periodontal plastic surgery, it is important that you schedule an appointment with a periodontist without delay.


What is a crown lengthening surgical procedure?

Periodontal plastic surgery essentially is a category of varying surgical procedures. It includes gum graft surgery, gum and bone ridge augmentations, and most commonly crown lengthening. A crown lengthening procedure is done when there is inadequate tooth exposed or too much gum tissue is present.


What to expect?

If you are now convinced that you are a candidate for periodontal plastic surgery, you can schedule a consultation at the clinic. Your periodontist will perform a thorough assessment of your mouth to determine the health of your gums and bone and if you qualify for this type of surgery.



During your first visit, our professionals will review your complete medical and dental histories with you. They will need to know about any medication you are taking or if you currently have any condition(s) that could affect your periodontal treatment, including pregnancy, diabetes, and heart disease.



Our professionals will examine your gums to assess the probing depths around your teeth, gum line height, jawbone alignment, and if you have any loose or missing teeth.



We make every effort to collaborate with your dentist’s office to obtain recent and pertinent X-rays. Should we not be able to obtain recent radiographs, or if they are not helpful in diagnosing your problem, our specialist will take digital X-rays to assess your oral health under your gum line. These are essential to help determine the appropriate treatment for your condition.