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Entrust your periodontal and implant care to our periodontist and experienced supportive dental team. We are proud to serve patients in Brossard and the surrounding South Shore regions.

Our Values

Our promise to our patients


Highest standard of care

The modern technology available in our clinic helps in the diagnosis of problems and assists in certain treatments. We use scientifically proven methods to treat our patients’ diseases and conditions. The materials and implants we use are from the most reputable international manufacturers with long-term proven success.



Our team of dedicated and highly competent professionals are empathetic to your needs. We want to ensure our patients understand their proposed treatment, are given the time to ask pertinent questions and are satisfied with our explanations. We are pleased to also offer certain treatments, like laser therapy, which reduces patients' post-operative discomfort. We will make every effort to ensure our patient’s comfort.



You will be treated in a clean, modern clinic with optimal ventilation. We ensure the consistency and efficacy of our disinfection and sterilization practices by employing rigorous sterilization methods and testing our machines regularly.



Our team takes the time to educate our patients on their diagnosis and the treatments they require to achieve health. This is a crucial component to the treatment process and is not overlooked in our clinic.


The team at your service

The leading experts with a commitment to excellent patient experience and quality care

Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology


Romina Perri

Dr. Perri has been working in the Greater Montreal region since her return from the United States in 2011. She established herself in Brossard and opened LES PARODONTISTES in 2012.

She was a clinical instructor and faculty lecturer at the University of Montreal and McGill University. Dr. Perri was also the periodontist at Sainte-Justine Hospital where she treated many young patients with rare craniofacial disorders.

She is an experienced lecturer and has addressed local, provincial and international audiences in the field of periodontics and reconstructive implant dentistry. She is the lead-author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles, including a pivotal study providing insight into possible mechanisms of how risk factors, like diabetes and obesity, may alter periodontal disease inflammation.

She recognizes the importance of continuing education and professional advancement for the benefit of her patients. As a result, she is a member of numerous dental associations. Dr. Perri is well regarded among her patients for her expansive clinical knowledge, her gentle mannerism and professional approach.


Pre-Dentistry program

McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry


Doctor of Dental Medecine

McGill University, Faculty of Dentistry


Periodontist specialty degree

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Faculty of Dentistry, Post-doctoral Periodontology Program


Master of Science

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill



Royal College of Dentists of Canada

Canadian recognized board certified specialist in Periodontology



American Board of Periodontology

United States recognized board certified specialist in Periodontology

The team at your service

Our team includes Dr. Perri, a specialized dentist (periodontist) with university training in dentistry and an additional three years of postgraduate specialization in the field of periodontology and dental implants. Feel free to consult Dr. Perri and our experienced team to diagnose and treat your gum-related problems and/or surgically place a dental implant.

A comforting & welcoming environment with cutting edge technology

Our periodontist has extensive continuing education and post-graduate university training, and uses state-of-the-art equipment, including high-tech x-rays, microscopes, and advanced computer technology in our modern office space in Brossard.

Our tools

Top-notch technology at your service

TRIOS 3Shape

Trios3 is an intra-oral AI-driven scanner able to capture the reality of someone’s teeth, with original coloring. Thanks to its incredible precision, we can mold tailored occlusal splints or temporary mouth pieces may assist in the healing process. It is also possible to produce high quality acrylic surgical guides before implant surgery. This technology helps the team decide on the best surgical placement of your implant according to your specific prosthetic needs.

Planmeca CBCT

Planmeca CBCT imaging units offer a premium imaging quality whether it be two-dimensional (panoramic imaging) or three-dimensional (cone beam imaging). Thanks to an innovative technology, Planmeca CBCT gives a crystal-clear image of your dental arch, your teeth, maxilla, mandible or even the sinuses, depending on your needs. It is therefore possible to plan any surgical intervention accordingly with maximum precision and predictability, for best results.

Air-flow® PERIO

Once dental implant surgery is performed, it is often necessary to help maintain the new implant – a treatment phase we call maintenance. The Air-flow® PERIO is an instrument dedicated to good implant maintenance, amongst other uses. As an air-polishing device, it removes biofilm bacteria both above and below the gum line thanks to a special abrasive formula. Unwanted biofilm can be targeted up to 10 mm deep, that is, at the very heart of periodontal pockets. This tool is best used as a surgical treatment for peri-implantitis (inflammation around the implant) and overall maintenance of healthy implants.

Piezoelectric Surgery

This surgical instrument allows a great degree of precision. It uses vibrations to cut hard, mineralized tissues such as bones or teeth, with no damage done to the surrounding softer tissues. This unique tool is particularly useful when we perform a sinus lift, whereby we try to increase the amount of bone volume available for implantation of dental implants. The sinus membrane needs to be delicately lifted without being in any way damaged. The Piezoelectric surgery technology allows cutting through the jawbone up to the sinus membrane while posing no threat to the integrity of the membrane, even if it comes directly into contact with it. Once exposed, the membrane is simply lifted.


Laser treatment is a very efficient means to treat periodontitis. Most of the time the outcome is predictable, and the prognosis favorable. LANAP stands for “laser assisted new attachment procedure”: basically, a laser beam is used to treat a periodontal pocket. The infected or diseased epithelium is selectively removed, while healthy connective tissues are preserved. The procedure also stimulates the reattachment of the gum onto the teeth. Depending on several factors, it can even promote regeneration of lost periodontal tissues. This technology allows for a relatively painless procedure, quick intervention with reliable results and unlike other conventional surgical techniques, reduces the chances of post-operative gum recession and tooth hypersensitivity.

Florida Probe VoiceWorks

This voice-controlled periodontal examination software and headset system helps patients better understand and visualize what’s going on with their teeth in real time. Remarks and comments made by our periodontist and hygienists are recorded directly by the software as she speaks and are added to a virtual mapping of the patient’s teeth. This allows the patient to instantly visualize where problems are located and which areas of their mouth needs additional work. Then,  the periodontist can discuss the appropriate treatment approach with the patient.