Take care of yourself: take care of your smile

Post-surgery aftercare is essential to ensure a smooth recovery. Here are our recommendations.


What to expect?

One of our team members will help educate you about the recommended post-operative care, so you can ensure a smooth recovery and satisfying long term results.

If analgesics (pain relief medication) have been prescribed, it is usually best to take the first dose one hour before the procedure. All medications (including antibiotics) should be taken strictly as prescribed. Variations can affect healing and the outcome of your surgery. Let your periodontist know of any change.

You may notice slight bleeding from the wound. This is completely normal and should be expected for 1 to 2 days post-op. If you notice excessive bleeding (more than a slight ooze) apply firm pressure to the area with folded gauze or a moist tea bag for at least 30 minutes. If it persists, notify your doctor at once.

Some slight swelling is not unusual and may begin right after the surgery, reaching its peak at day 3 or 4. During the first day and immediately after surgery, place an ice pack wrapped in a clean towel over your face (apply 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off).

Keep your head elevated for the first two nights after surgery by using extra pillows. This will help reduce swelling.

For your own comfort and for the best healing, a soft diet is strongly recommended. Avoid, if possible, chewing where the wound is, and avoid hard, fibrous or sharp food (such as chips), as these can irritate the wound and delay healing. You may also want to avoid hot food or drinking through a straw as this may promote bleeding. Drink plenty of liquids. Maintain a diet with a normal calorie level that is high in protein, minerals and vitamins to support the post-operative healing.

Rinse with the prescribed oral rinse the day after surgery for 1 week. Continue to brush and floss the teeth which were not involved in the surgery. The surgical area should not be disturbed for at least the first week post-op. At your post-operative visits, you will be provided with new oral hygiene instructions.

Smoking reduces the blood supply to the surgical site. Refrain from smoking until after your sutures have been removed to ensure the best success of your surgery. Smokers may experience diminished healing, thus increasing the risk of infections and implant failure.

The combination of alcohol and certain post-operative medications is not recommended. Read the notice before taking any medication and talk to your periodontist.

Avoid strenuous physical activity during your immediate recovery period for at least 3 days after surgery.

Please ask your surgeon if you may wear your denture or temporary prosthesis. They may require an adjustment or relining prior to use. If they are used and put too much pressure on the surgical site, it could interfere with the healing process.

Please let us know of any concern or query you may have. We are always happy to help. Feel free to contact us about anything regarding your after care. A referral is not necessary for a periodontal consultation with our specialists.

Dr. Romina Perri

DMD, Cert Perio, MS(Perio), FRCD(C), Diplomate ABP